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Packaging machinery is used throughout all packaging operations, involving primary packages to distribution packs. This includes many packaging processes: fabrication, cleaning, filling, sealing, combining, labeling, overwrapping, and palletizing. Sealing is the surface-to-surface joining technique of materials using a substance which usually is of a different type, and which adheres to the surfaces of the two adherents to be joined, transferring the forces from one adherent to the other. The substance used for sealing is known as a sealant or sealer. A filling machine is packaging machinery to fill the product into bags, pouches, or containers such as bins or bottles. The types of filling machines differ depending on the products of liquid, paste, granule, and powder. We can supply High-quality Vacuum Packing Materials Supplier Chennai, Maduvinkarai, and Guindy with multi-layer, 3 side-sealed transparent pouches according to the required sizes.

Deep Chamber Vertical

Vacuum packaging refers to the technique of REMOVING AIR from the pack prior to the sealing and predates the use of gases as a means of food preservatic.It principal purpose is to REMOVE OXYGEN by pulling packaging material into intimate contact with the product thereby protects food, extends shelf life, maintain aroma. Some of the food products are, dryfruits, cashews, tea dust,organic food like millets, rice, cereals, nuts, grams, paneer, cheese, fish ,shrimp, meats etc. Types available : TABLE TOP, FLOOR TOP, DOUBLE CHAMBER, VERTICAL DEEP CHAMBER(BRIQUETTE), OPENTYPE VERTICAL, OPEN/ NOZZLE TYPE HORIZANTAL.

Vacuum packaging material :

We can supply High quality Vacuum packing multi-layer, 3 side sealed transparent pouches according to the required sizes.

Tin Pet Can Seaming Machine - ELECTRIC

TIN / ALUMINIUM /PET CAN ELECTRIC SEAMING MACHINE:CAN seamer is a machine used to seal the lid to the canbody. The lid usually tin plated steel (food) or aluminium (drinks),while the body can be metal or plastic or paperboards. A double seamer is a hermetic seal formed by interlocking edges of both the end components and body of can, preventing from leakage, assuring the product shelf life inside the can.

Induction Sealing Machine

INDUCTION CAP SEALING MACHINE USING ALUMINIUM PAPER WADS.This is a plastic bottle mouth sealing machine using induction heating ( I Non-contact heating process) This ensures Tamper proof, leak proof, reduce the risk of spillage, prevent product pilferages. Types available : Hand operated portable upto 80mm and 130mmcontinuous type (conveyor based) for high productions.

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